Will Right wing fall worldwide?

Right wing fall worldwide

The world has always been divided in race, nationality, ethnicity and every other theatrical or satirical divide, media houses had several times put into. Politics has always been a huge discretionary topic where people never seem to have aligning thoughts.

World has increasingly changing along with technology and with that our opinions has frequently been rigging on the roller-coaster ride. Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and every other social media had been divided into Right wing and Left wing. Every platform has different battles and different warriors fighting to win the chase. With that said, the biggest questions that reckoned along the line when United States President Joe Biden had taken the oath i.e. IS RIGHT WING FALLING WORLDWIDE?

Following Trump’s loss, a twitter user who  dislikes India’s Narendra Modi wrote: “Right wing will fall worldwide”.

Several of Indian right wing were feverishly praying for Trump’s win. In that line, people had many reasons tugged in which goes as follows :

  • Indo-US relationship has been strongest under President Trump’s ruling
  • Left-wing media houses will push the false narratives.
  • Trump was keeping high tabs on terrorism across the world including Pakistan and Biden wouldn’t have the same force on terrorism
  • WHO’s funding will be relinquished by Biden

And so on & so forth but the fact is that the right wing across the world is NOT a monolith (nor is the left wing). Especially right and left wings of India are so different from their US counterparts! Even within the US, what Republican and Democratic parties stand for has gone through major transformations multiple times in our history (recently around LBJ’s term).

Thus, the labels “right” and “left” are just that – labels, though the Indian media’s generalization of two major wings has always been mixed with the parity of ‘label’ names.

On 26 January, 2021, India faced the similar breach on the power center-Red fort from the left-wing protesters as the US had faced on 6 January, 2021 by the US right-wing protesters.

Not just the protest, many of the policies of the Trump government had been frivolous and irritating to Indian right-wing. Trump’s policies were altogether different from his party which is Republican. Policies of India’s BJP party have some similarities with Democratic party, some with Republican party and some with Trump There is no one-to-one mapping or equivalence.

However, the sad truth is that some Indian right wing people and media foolishly embraced the false equivalence between Modi and Trump and between BJP and Republican party, instead of wisely pushing back against such a simplistic narrative.

Due to this, several Indian right wingers even openly admired Trump and became his diehard fans over the last four years. They openly welcomed Trump, even tagged him ‘Friend of India.’ Basically, their love for Modi was extended to Trump, though the two are SO different, just because there are very superficial similarities and the media told them both are “right wingers”! This was a strategically unwise and counter-productive choice they made. Some of them understandably went berserk when Trump was criticized in India.

However, all that he ever said, was empty words and inconsequential gestures, rather than any concrete and *consequential* actions. His policies towards Indian exported goods, H1B visas, his continuous meddling in Kashmir issue, him threatening India over hydroxychloroquine are just a few examples.

All that has been ignored, because USA’s lecture to India over India’s internal matter was nothing but their foul attempt of being indecisive to their vote bank and has rather no impact on Indian right-wing’s sanctity.

So let us put aside words and gestures and focus on concrete actions with real consequences and see how the supposed “friend of India” did during his term.

  1. Trade: Trump ended preferential trade treatment for India and there are now more tariffs on Indian goods than when Trump came in.
  2. (a) Religion – Islam: Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric and actions excite some Indian right wingers, as India suffered from terrorism from some Jihadist groups. But, note that Trump stands only for harassing regular and normal Muslims, but is very soft, friendly and even subservient towards the biggest sponsor of Islamic terrorism – Saudi Arabian regime! As for being anti-Pakistan, it is true about Trump, but then India is perfectly capable of dealing with Pakistan without US help and it has been dealing with the same since our partition. Indian right wingers are saddened with *unsecular appeasement* of Muslims by Indian left wing and misunderstand that Democrats have similar views with regards to Muslims around the world but Democrats had been severely biased against Muslims in their past regimes. having bias against all Muslims, infact Barack Obama was harsher to the Muslim authoritarian countries than Trump. 2(b) Religion – Christianity: Vice President Mike Pence was evangelical and along with other Republican party members he strongly supported Christian missionaries engaged in mass conversions in India. Recently, Andhra Pradesh had been facing major attacks on the temple by missionaries and conversion had always been the major issue in India. Right-wing was blindsided by the love for Trump, while they were being attacked in the back.
  3. ) Environment- Trump unilaterally got out of the Paris climate deal agreed by 189 nations. Environmental issues aren’t different for different countries, while India and China were leading. the world in tree plantation in order to leave a healthy earth to the next generation, Trump has always been ignorant to provocation. At the Paris negotiations, India had argued that the US has polluted the earth majorly during their industrial progress and prosperity in several past decades. Because India has just started to match the progress and are on a different level of progress, different standards should be used for India and the US. Former President Barack Obama and Former Vice President and current President Joe Biden agreed to that notion. To be noted here, when Trump cut his country out of the deal he complained about the bias standards towards India.
  4. White supremacy– Former President Donald Trump is racist. It has never been hidden, nor it has been denied by Trump. Indian after seven decades of independence are still struggling with the whiter supremacist ideology within and outside of Indian borders. Trump had openly embraced white supremacist groups in US that have similar agendas and thinking as India’s colonizers. Intelligent and conscientious Indians had overlooked this notion of Trump.
  5. Military cooperation– There is indeed increased Indo-US military cooperation. But the seeds were sown during Obama’s term. Obama and Modi developed bonhomie during Modi’s trip to US during navratri and Obama’s trip to India for India’s 2015 Republic Day. Trump just continued that, though the media may have painted this as two “right wingers’ ‘ cooperating. Moreover, due to China’s rise and belligerence, India and the US were anyway destined to come closer militarily, no matter who was in power in the US.
  6. China-It has always been the narrative that US-China’s trade war is good for India, but in last four year of Trump ruling India didn’t have fruition as it seeked from that war, moreover it Trump had started tariff war with India as well, as little as have been. The Obama-Biden administration had also taken measures against China at the WTO under Obama’s second ruling. Belligerent China’s reaction, economically or militarily, as it could have pushed Obama to have good relations with India. However, Obama’s approach was based more on subtle and pragmatic steps mostly behind the scenes, rather than reality TV type showdown and an impractical lose-lose trade war. The Biden are highly likely to follow the footsteps as been walked by Obama himself in his tenure, hence the misinformation as Biden will have Anti-India policies, could be proven wrong.
  7. Bromance– Media made much of a bromance between Trump and Modi, thanks to their “Howdy Modi” and “Namaste Trump” rallies together. However, while Trump is an impulsive and narcissistic child-man, Modi is a seasoned politician. It is simply politics for him to engage in such bonhomie. Modi will do the same thing with any other US leader, given an opportunity. In fact, there was a lot of bromance between “left wing” Obama and “right wing” Modi during the brief overlap period.
  8. Stability versus lack of volatility– This is the most important thing a nation should look for, from another nation. Trump’s worst quality is volatility and instability. He changes his mind at the drop of a hat. Never forget how Trump threatened India if India refused to provide the hydroxychloroquine to the USA, which was really uncalled for. If not for Modi’s resilience mindset, Trump would have been sacked by Indian be it right winger or left winger. Contrary to Trump’s overactive attitude, Biden is likely to do as it was advised by his counsels, hence India could easily predict the reaction of the US at each turning event. There are several connotations on which we can base Trump as pro-India or pro-hindu, he was merely acting as a president and mostly a politician, when he tried to please his Indian originated US voters. Those superficial similarities between Modi and Trump were nothing but mere proclamations of degrading Indian right-winger’s amongst the US population.

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