Why India?

Why India

All of a sudden in the past 3 to 4 days international celebrities like Pop-Star Rihanna, Porn-star Mia Khalifa, Greta Thunberg and, so on started talking about Farmers’ Protest. One by one they all started talking about it on the Twitter platform and grabbed the attention of national and international media. Later on, it is found that it was all a well-planned toolkit. As soon as international celebrities started talking about Farmers’ Protest, Congress leaders like Randeep Surjewala jumped and started supporting those celebrities. As congress does not have any agenda for Elections-2024 they are getting interested in every Anti-National activity like Red Fort Attack, Delhi-2021. Captain Amrinder Singh provided a team of 70 lawyers to defend rioters of the red fort attack.

In all this chaos it is important to understand why is this happening. I would highlight some strong reasons here.

Number-1: Befitting reply to Pakistan and China

We all know that the NDA government is giving a befitting reply to India’s arch-enemies Pakistan and China. As Pakistan sponsored terrorism is almost graved in Kashmir, Pakistan is finding new ways to agitate peace and harmony of India. Pakistan’s economy is sinking, on the other hand, China got a tight slap from India at Galwan valley. Also, India reduced marginal imports from China under the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat campaign. China is crushing free Tibet and Hongkong movements on their land. India after the Covid-19 pandemic is growing faster on an economical basis. The share market is making new highs day by day. On 5-1-2021 Sensex makes a new record high of 51000 points. Which is stinging in the eyes of enemies of India. Pakistan and China are trying everything to keep India agitated state, destroying Indian cultural, economical, and moral values. And their backstage support will continue to Khalistani organizations, to agitate India in the name of Farmers’ Protest.

Number 2: Covid-19 situation and Indian Government

    During Corona, lockdown opposition parties besieged the government of India for mismanagement of migrant workers and continuously questioned the government about the sinking economy, healthcare services. Many political and non-political celebrities made fun of PM Narendra Modi, saying Taali and Thaali will not work. Lighting up diyas will not work. And also blamed that government has no solid plans to counter the Covid-19 situation so he is peddling such idiotic ideas.

But, India successfully came out of the Covid-19 challenge. With the invention of two Covid-19 vaccines COVAXIN and COVISHIELD. Now, India is successfully running the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccination program.

  Number 3: Covid-19 vaccine and India’s Global Image

India has started the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccination program. In India, over 4 million frontline Corona warriors got vaccinated to date. India is also exporting large scale vaccines to other countries like Bhutan. Myanmar, Bangladesh, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Brazil, Nepal. 

    According to the latest government confirmations Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and South Africa have received their first shipments of the vaccine. It is worldwide fact that the Coronavirus outbreak has happened in Wuhan, China. After this virus breakout, the global image of China got spoiled.

    Now, India is emerging as a soft superpower slowly but solidly countries like China and Pakistan can not be silent on that. Their indirect and invisible role to hurdle India’s growth will continue.

Number-4: Farmers’ Protest and Khalistan Propaganda

The baseless Farmers’ Protest is now getting support from International stars like Porn-star Mia Khalifa, Rihanna, Meena Harris, Greta Thunberg, etc. As none of them is a farmer they just jumped into the stream as per the toolkit provided to them.

    As supreme court of India and also the government of India has offered to the farmers that the government can withhold the laws for one and a half years more. The government of India is ready to talk and solve all the concerns of farmers regarding laws, farmers are not ready to listen to the government.

    What is the reason behind the protest? if the government is ready to withhold and ready to correct laws if required. One must understand that the framers who are doing so-called protest at Delhi borders are mostly from Punjab and Haryana. The new farm laws are thoroughly in favor of small scale farmers of India.

    The world has seen that what happened on 26th January 2021. How Khalistan supporters insulted the Indian flag and waved the Khalistan flag at Red fort. The farmers’ protest is already hijacked by pro-Khalistan supporters.

    As India is emerging slowly as a soft superpower, the anti-national forces are shaking hands with each other including international celebrities. They want to influence the economical growth, cultural growth, nationalist ideological growth of India. As the Indian liberal-leftist lobby is failing and sensing their massive defeat by nationalist people, the left-liberal lobby, the Indian National Congress party is now seeking the help of International celebrities to influence India’s internal matters. And the costly international celebrities are giving paid baseless and fake biased narrative statements against India on social media platforms.

    Remember, they just want to spoil India’s image internationally. They are neither farmers nor Indians, they are just paid celebrities.

Nickunj Rathod

Indian, Author, Freelance Columnist.

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