The Dirty game of Conversion and Oblivious Hindus

India : The Soft & Large Harvest

India has been a source of inspiration for everyone across the world since ages. In the ancient times, India provided the guiding light to live a developed and prosperous life. Indian merchants from Gujarat, Malabar  used to travel to far off seas to conduct business in ships which were at least 5 times the size of the ship of the “Most Advanced Ship” of Vasco de Gama of Western world.

The cultural richness and stealth of Sanatan Hindus of India, provided an avenue for foreign invaders to get past us and enslave us. Hindus are 80+ Cr. Strong community(as per 2011 census), and are the 3rd Largest ethnic/religious  community in the world after Abrahamic religions  viz. Christianity(31%) & Islam(24%). [Source: Wikipedia]

Strategies to reign Supreme

To establish their fiefdom and supremacy in the world, both the above religions are fighting their own fight and are targeting Hindus, because this is where they can reap their next harvest. Islamists are following the hard and cold blooded manner to destroy the oldest civilization through extremism, Love Jehad, Land Jehad and many more illicit ways of Jehad.

On the other hand, Christians are more mindful and are playing a long term game of CONVERSION. They are the best marketers in the world, where they are understanding the psyche of potential customers, and are targeting them where it hits the hardest, i.e. ECONOMICALLY Weaker sections of the Hindu society.

As in any community, Hindu society also has a spread across the Socio-Economic spectrum, with Bottom of Pyramid having the people who are economically challenged. These are the segments which are most prone to their trickeries and agenda.

If a person who is suffering from the economic issues in his life, and is finding it difficult to make ends meet, is promised a good standard of living, loads of money and a sustained livelihood, would he/she not fell for it. In exchange of which, he/she has to just change the RELIGION, not the Name, not the CASTE ,not the lifestyle, not the Festivals, just the RELIGION.

The Hidden Change

For someone especially coming from bottom of pyramid, the social fabric is very strong, and is very hard to get away from to avoid getting outcast. Thus, even if someone gets converted to Christianity, the name, symbols etc are just kept the same, so that the societal acceptance continues.

Slowly and steadily, the habits and behaviours are changed and when the changes are ingrained deep inside, the visible change is announced. And that too happens when they would have developed their own small community to survive in. Generally, this takes a generation or so, but gets expedited if the situation is conducive, like in case of this pandemic.

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