72nd Republic Day saw a u-turn in terms of the farmers protest which escalated to it’s highest peak, which led the protesters damaging public property and injuring some policemen.

The Farmers Protest have been in the highlight since September 2020 with farmers protesting against the farm laws. Today on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day of India, farmers entered Delhi through three borders Singhu, Tikri & Ghazipur.The protest turned violent for reasons unknown. Samyukta Kisan Morcha distanced itself from the protests as soon as they turned violent and called off the tractor rally.

The farmers violated the conditions agreed for a peaceful rally. A temporary suspension of telecom services were implemented and a high alert was issued in Haryana. The protesting farmers reached Delhi’s Red Fort whilst fighting against the police barricades and storming ahead of the tear gas. Their route was diverted further as some protesters scattered across the streets of Delhi. The situation is still tense and a series of meetings were held between the Union Home Minister and Delhi police to analyse the situation & take necessary steps.  

Here is a clip posted by noted actor Anupam Kher, where we can see a man literally throwing away the national flag on a day when we need to respect the constitution of India

Where will this lead to? What are the future consequences? Will the man, throwing away the national flag be arrested? Will the farmers & the government come to a consensus anytime soon? Nobody has answers to these questions. All we can do is just hope & pray that the situation or rather the protests, which are now in it’s fourth month, conclude on a happy note without any further violence. Instead of protesting on streets, which is okay for some days and not months, farmers and the government need to hold regular talks and reach a conclusion. Holding protests will lead the farmers to a dead end. They need to trust the government and hold meetings / talks, understand each other’s points, give suggestions and arrive at a positive conclusion.            

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