Super Stars and Super Fans

Some years ago, my friend on his Facebook wall wrote that “If you are a fan of someone or if you beleive to be a fan, you must have understood anything significant for your life from them”.(this is a rough translation of original content which was in Kannada).

The words on my friend’s facebook wall told about the true fan of anyone. But unfortunately in the present times of advanced science, technology, digital world and a fast forwarding 21st century, there are still people who needs intellectual development programme at the earliest as possible. They are called as Hardcore fans, Lifetime fans etc. These people are rough and innocent at the same time. When the movie enacted by “Their Superstars” gets released, they really don’t care for story and effect on society from that movie. They will always tell you that the movie will be going to be a “super hit”

The rise in the crimes even at this present 21st century can’t be blamed only on Kali, because it’s Kaliyuga. These movies have their own contribution in crimes. Because, we casually read about murders, loot with an explanatory lines called “Film Style murder or loot”. Instead of teaching about the greater aspects of life and great souls who walked on this land, most movies were made on criminals and idiots. These movies are making people go the wrong path in their life and still boasting about it.

Even the Freedom fighters don’t have these kind of fan following. Even if the movies were made on freedom fighters it won’t be declared as hit, if the movie doesn’t include the so called ‘Super Stars’. With this sad state of fan following if “superstars” enacts as Britishers, their fans will glorify Britishers. If you don’t beleive this, then remember there are people who still beleive that “Akbar was great”, “moguls made India rich”etc., and the lies in the minds of people continue.

The cinema people will ask us to support them, watch their movies and help their industry grow. Those people are not growing themselves but expect the industry to grow. Sad!!. Movies even though shown as  fiction and false, still plays an important role psychologically on the minds of audience. The cautious and clear the movie, the better for audience. The better understandable and intellectual the audience the better for society.

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