Rich protest by poor farmers – A tangential approach

Farmer Protest

Talking about French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, many other revolutions those have changed the course of the world has become a new fashion. So do the peacefully planned farmers protest turned into violent one. Thousands of videos, news items emerged with in no time. Every imaginable point of view is covered. Political perspective, economy perspective, geographical perspective, historical perspective and anecdotal references too are added. Stories of poor farmers, their families, their supporting political parties, the functionaries of Break in India forces found a place in the rally.

The farmer protest till now

1 Started rally before agreed time.

2 Removed barricades and rally on non-approved route.

3 Attacking on police with sword

4 Breaking DTC bus windows

5 Attacking police with National Flag

6 Cornering &attacking a women police officer

7. Hoisting the Khalsa Flag.

Those who were outraged at the storming of Capitol in America are today cheering the vandalism and anarchy in Delhi. Vandals are already at the Red Fort and trying to create chaos. In true letter and spirit, this is not a protest or peaceful March. It is something very big planned attempt to destabilize the democracy in India.

We got independence, still we are in chains of colonial mindset. The state cannot fix protestors with a lathi charge.  The state cannot throw them in prison with life time punishments. These peaceful farmers can afford lawyers who summon the judge to open the court and grant bail in the middle of the night. You have a plumber, an electrician, a vegetable vendor so many leading respectable lower income lives in India. They won’t come to streets and involve in planned violent protests as they are busy in earning their daily bread.

Everybody and anybody in India know very well who are behind these protests. They say the rally is of one lakh tractors. The length is approximately 400 kms. Average mileage is 10km per litre. Average diesel per tractor is 40 litres. Diesel price is 84 rupees per litre.  The total diesel required is 40 lakh litres. Total cost of taking 400 tractors to rally is Rs.33,60,00,000(Thirty-three crores sixty lakhs), that is 330 Million Indian Rupees. Who is behind this big funding?

If Indian farmer is financially so strong, then there is no need to subsidize various schemes of farmers and the government surely can tax these farmers. The truth is, the cost of the tractors and diesel would have given one year food to all 11lakh protesting farmers in Punjab. Bigger than crackers, these tractors are going to pollute Delhi forever. Who is behind this?

The APMC market brokers? The pseudo secular political parties? The break in India forces? Or the deep rooted left liberal ecosystems? Or the external known enemies?

Who have such deep pockets to fill the pockets of these so-called peaceful protestors?

A small kid can say that it is a sponsored program.

The common man in India is unaccustomed to using his rights and power to contain this kind of protest.  As soon as a bill is introduced these peaceful protestors are ready with placards to revoke the bill, knock the doors of the court to stop the bill, force the govt not to introduce reforms, sometimes these forces create an ecosystem to subdue the reforms with arbitrary narratives and the final resort is storming the roads with permanent camps.

The common man rarely questions “why” and “how”?

Everyone except the government and its machinery knows what is happening around. And it is the common man who is suffering and becoming poor to support these kinds of protests. The common man is feeling powerless and compiled to be a mute spectator. The inactiveness of the educated middle class is another reason and it says it all.

Everything happening in Delhi today is to awaken left liberal hired Me lords of UPA era in SC. It is not a protest.

– No one could claim to be a Leader of Farmers now.

– Let the Cabal of left liberal nexus wastes one more opportunity to gain credence and it should be exposed

– Farm bills are not going to be repealed, such is resolve of Government. Appreciate this.

The government and its machinery should get the message now, and act accordingly instead of asking too late why did we travel this far. We have “Shaheenbagh” last year and the “Peaceful Farmer Protests” this year.

We stand with the government and stop the violence.

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  • Nikhil jotwani

    April 6, 2021 - 6:05 pm

    Farm law is very good and it finally helps bring the benefits of liberalization to the farming sector. After the economic reforms brought by the PV Narasimha Rao government involving Liberalization and Globalization, the Indian economy grew exponentially, but agriculture was not liberalized. It also gives the freedom to farmers to sell wherever and to whomever they wish which was prohibited outside the home state before. It enforces, my produce, my right to sell!
    Well articulated article by patrakari.

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