Ravan- The enemy of 3 worlds

Bharatvarsh, India as it is called is a land where defeating of evil forces by a Just and Dharmic Godly being is celebrated as festivals, so that the whole world understands that Adharma shall be defeated and one who follows Dharma(Righteousness) shall have victory on his side. No matter whatever the hurdles come along the way, anything other than Dharma is just for temporary purpose and only Dharma is here to stay. one should not restrain from the path of Dharma(Righteousness).

Nowadays, few people who are induced by some ‘Rakshas’ force are loving and worshipping Ravan, the evil ‘Rakshas'(demonic) who was badly defeated by Lord Shree Rama. Their display of love towards Ravan as a great king even greater than Prabhu Ram is motivating the people to believe that Ravan was much great and not at all bad than they heard in their childhoods.

Does Ravan deserves all these glorification even a bit?? Does his karma matches with the praises he gets today?

Prajasukhe sukhan rajah prajanam cha hithe hitam |
Naatma priyam hitham rajah prajanam tu
priyam hitam ||1||

Chanakya in his Arthashastra says that- In the happiness of the people lies the rulers happiness, their welfare is his welfare. The ruler shall not consider what pleases and benefits him personally but what pleasing and beneficial to his people.
    Although Chanakya’s time was much later than Ravan, this maxim of Chankya was based on the basic principle and culture of this land, the knowledge and wisdom that is flowed from sages and saints to the Kings and Emperors Which guided them from time immemorial.

Is Ravan really a great king?

Ravan is known for deceiving his brother Kubera, Kubera was the king of Lanka who turned the island Lanka into a Golden island, but Ravan made Kubera to flee from Lanka and snatched the Golden island. If Ravan was such a great character why would he make Kubera to flee from Lanka, and capture his kingdom with bad means.
Some other facts about Ravan which is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana

(critical edition).

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Isn’t it more evident that the Valmiki Ramayana describes Ravan as ‘Purushadakah’ means Ravan was a Rakshas being who eats humans. The one who eats human’s flesh for his satisfaction cannot be treated as a brave and just king and can you imagine the plight and horror the citizens of Lanka have gone through??

Did Maa Seeta really felt secure in the hands of Ravan??
Ah! Ravan is known for snatching the kingdom, eating human beings(purushadakah) adding to his greatness, Ravan also snatched the beautiful daughters of Gandarva, Rakshasa,yakshas and other Kulas.


this excerpt from Vaalmiki Ramayana(critical edition) talks about how Ravan abducted and misbehaved with any beautiful women he saw. Women safety was a joke in Ravan’s kingdom. Don’t you feel that if Ravan was just and honest  there was no necessity of Bhagavan Vishnu’s Ramavatar? Coming to Maa Sita’s abduction-
Ravan disguised himself as a sanyasi with an intention to take Maa Seeta in his control. He was astonished by the beauty of Maa Seetha. But, Can anyone justify this act of Ravan to lure someone into his traps?, can a king behave like this? Is this what makes him the MAN? Ravan’s kingdom was a hell for women,even the daughters of celestial Gandarvas were not spared by Ravan. Felt ashamed by these acts of Ravan, Kubera cursed him that- if Ravan tries to enjoy any women by force he would die the next moment. Fearing this curse Ravan always tried to please Maa Seeta with his golden kingdom, richness and even offered Queen’s title of a golden island. but Maa Seeta was so dedicated to Lord Shree Rama and always worshipped him. Maa Seetha didn’t even looked at Ravan, rather she took a grass stick and addressed to it whenever Ravan tried to talk with her, she considered Ravan as a grass stick.(that’s his value). This shows the desparation of evil Ravan and the Dedication of Maa Seetha towards her husband. Besides this, Can anyone imagine the mental trauma that a dedicated woman like Maa Seeta faced? All rakshas guards every now and then tried to please Maa Seeta towards Ravan by false praise and glorification which he didn’t deserved at all. So, it seems all those who love and glorify Ravan are indeed comes from the Rakshas clan, who are misguided(mistakenly or purposefully).

Make this clear that-
Ravan was a molester, he raped many women, but the curse by his brother Lord Kubera saved many women’s dignity and pride. Ravan was driven more by his self glorification and happiness and didn’t worried about his people’s happiness. The wealth he acquired was not by the just means but he stole it from Kubera. As we can say that as the King was unjust his most (except few) subjects also followed him. There’s a saying “Yatha Raja Tatah Praja” means As is the king so his citizens.   But I bow down to Lord Shri Rama’s dedication and spirit who even crossed the Sea and made Maa Seetha free from the Rakshas clucthes and took her back to Ayodya, with the help of Vanara Sena which was built on trust and friendship and not on blood thirst of war or material rewards, concluding the fight and  returning by defeating the enemy of all 3 worlds, The Rakshas, the demon RAVAN. So, it is acceptable that Prabhu Shree Rama was a people’s King and Ravan was a cruel enemy for this world.

Let’s celebrate this Vijaya Dashami not only by Ravan Dahan but also practically applying Prabhu Shree Rama’s principles.  Remember this, Lord Shree Rama didn’t held any kingship title when he lost Maa Seeta but still built an army. Prabhu Shree Rama’s army was based only on trust and friendship and not on rewards or force. He won the war against adharma(Ravan) and gave the golden and richest kingdom of Ravan to Ravan’s brother Vibhisana who was just and even condemned the evil acts of Ravan. Lord Shree Rama faced worst troubles and hardahips which came across his life but he faced all of it with courage and intellect. Let’s worship


Lord Shree Rama as our icon


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