Karnataka Congress in a Dilemma

The Bengaluru riots on the night of   11-08-2020, the intention was to burn the current Congress MLA and his nephew’s house but eventually ended up by burning adjacent houses and local police station,showing us the true radical side of the mob.
     The Karnataka congress is still in a dilemma on whom to blame? And whom to defend? If they defend the MLA they will lose their lion’s share in that constituency, and minority vote shares in all constituency where minorities are the deciders of power. and if they defend rioters they will be blamed for not caring for their own MLA’s life. So, they are in a mood to divert the attention from people’s mind.

The Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president DK Shivakumar accused the State Government for ‘Phone taping’ of “top” congress leaders of Karnataka. In order to divert the attention of people The Opposition party leader and Ex-Chief Minister Siddaramaiah suggested a series of measures which includes suggesting the Government to take over the properties of rioters of all riots from previous 30 years., This is a pure political way of changing the minds of people to move away from the main issue.
    The MLA whose house was attacked and burnt is also in a dilemma of choosing party leaders or his own conscience. He simply can’t blame any political party because he don’t have any political rivals all through his political career. If he talk against rioters the Congress will leave him aside, and the other way round is impossible because he himself is a victim of rioters… Let’s see how the things will move.

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