Is China Behind Uttarakhand Incident?

Is China Behind Uttarakhand Incident?

An avalanche was reported in Uttarakhand’s Raini village in Tapovan area on  Sunday. It was caused after a part of Himalayan Nanda Devi glacier broke at Joshimath in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district.The avalanche was soon followed by a massive rise of water levels in the Dhauliganga river, which resulted in several houses being destroyed in the area. Nanda Devi Glacier is very close to Chinese border.

Two years back China has launched the world’s largest weather-control machine, with the ability to modify the weather in an area similar to the size of HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program). It has capability of triggering floods, Hurricanes, Droughts and floods.

HAARP is the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. Various individuals have speculated about hidden motivations and capabilities of the project. For example, Rosalie Bertell warned in 1996 about the deployment of HAARP as a military weapon. Michel Chossudovsky stated in a book published by the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform that “recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully operational and has the capability of triggering floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes.” Over time, HAARP has been blamed for generating such catastrophes, as well as thunderstorms, in Iran, Pakistan, Haiti, Turkey, Greece and the Philippines, and even major power outages, the downing of TWA Flight 800, Gulf War syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

One more project is Sky River. In this project a massive weather modification network the largest ever is being planned for Tibetan Plateau. The plan is to cover an area of the size of Spain with thousands of fuel burning chambers to blast silver iodide into the atmosphere. Thousands of such fuel burning chambers will definitely result in sudden glacier burst.

There is also a news that CCP’s PLAGF have an entire brigade dedicated to weather warfare. They are tasked with ensuring optimal weather during Beijing Olympics 2008.

So China is having Weather Manipulation Weapons. Importantly IMD says no adverse weather over affected areas on February 7,8.
A DRDO team of snow & avalanche experts from its newly-created Defence Geo-Informatics Research Establishment would be visiting the place.

So we may conclude that China may have behind this and might have warned India. Only Time will tell.

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