Chakka Jam, And Fake Protest

Chakka Jam’, And Fake Protest

On Saturday, February 6, 2021, BKU leader Rakesh Tikait has called all India chakka jam from 12 hrs to 3:00 hrs. this chakka jam will be executed on National and State highways. As usual Indian National Congress has declared extended support to this chakka jam. Now, chakka jam will be done to pressurize the government to withdraw farm laws. This chakka jam is thoroughly irrelevant to farm laws. But as we all know the farmers’ protest is turned into a propaganda protest they are going to do it on 06-02-2021.

Why chakka jam on National and State Highways?

In the economical and social growth of any country, road transportation plays a vital role. India is having more than 79,116 kilometers of the network of National Highways. Which takes the burden of more than 40% of goods and passenger traffic. India is having more than 4,455,010 kilometers of the state highway network. Road transport is a vital segment in the economy with a crucial share of nearly 5 percent in India’s GDP.

How Chakka jam will affect India?

For India, road transport is a lifeline for the Indian economy. And to disturb that lifeline directly disturbs the economy of India. Apart from the economy, this chakka jam will affect many critical segments like utility services, logistic services, medical, healthcare, and emergency services. Many collective and personal losses would take place. This 3-hour chakka jam would affect India economically as well as give collateral damage in many other forms.

Protesting Farmers Committee leaders have told that farmers will provide food and water to the people stuck at chakka jam. In this situation, some crucial questions must be answered from the protestors, What if chakka jam turns into violence as happened earlier tractor rally? What if an innocent loses his or her life in a chakka jam due to a delay in medical and healthcare services? Do protestors care about the sufferings of kids, babies stuck at their chakka jam? 

    A true farmer will not do such chakka jam to disturb the lifeline and economy of the country. But those who are protesting under blind propaganda will do it because their only aim is to keep India an agitated state. Their real agenda is to spoil India’s image internationally break India with the help of anti-India forces.

    The ultimate aim of anti-India forces local and international is to push India into Ideological war within. Indian National Congress is using farmers’ shoulders to shoot the Indian government in the name of farmers’ protest.

We can only win this propaganda and ideological war by defeating them with our Nation’s greatness. Show them how great India is. We can do it by making such small changes like you can post on social media about our great culture at least once a day.   

    The only way we can make India Vishwa guru by showing the greatness of the cultural values of  India to the world.

Nickunj Rathod

Indian, Author, Freelance Columnist.

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