Amit Shah, The Antifragile

Amit Shah, The Antifragile

All is fair in love and war as many say. But for Amit Shah, to be in politics is to be in war and he takes no prisoners. His actions, counter actions, decisions surprise the press, the opposition, and the masses. His actions are above the press circles of selective leaks and gossips.

Political analyst Neerja Chaudhury said, “Shah is unlike the usual politician we have seen. He is hard working, driven with killer instincts, his hunger for power makes him a formidable foe for the Opposition. One may disagree with his approach, but his performance will ultimately be judged by how he has delivered.”

Many compare Amit Shah to Chanakya and Modi as Chandragupta. Is history repeating. Not so. Modi is the match winner for Amit Shah. Is the comparison not right or the combination is at another level? Chandragupta should be given credit for making Chanakya a huge unstoppable success. Lets decode the strategy and understand the reality.

Amit Shah the leader of hope
Napoleon Bonaparte was from an ordinary background and became one of the greatest militaries and political leaders of all time. Situations may be really tough, but the leader inspires hope in himself and in other people to create the vision that motivates people to wish to perform to achieve the goal. All Amit Shah’s actions gave hope to people.

Amit Shah has taken the philosophy of leadership to a different level which gave him the power to achieve what he wanted. He is a person with “tough empathy”. He is clear with his expectations of deliverables from the cadre. He is very communicative in explaining his expectations. At the same time, he understands what the cadre needs from him. He is ready to provide all resources, tools and data support to the cadre to fulfil the goals he sets for them. He adds that personal gentle touch in enquiring on its will-being, but never entertains unrealistic expectations.

He constantly looks for opportunities, which is more inspiring to build emotional engagement with the cadre. It is boosting morale, improving productivity and giving expected results. Shah winning UP is the best-case scenario of this approach.

Amit Shah the deep thinker
When we are searching for opportunities and capitalizing on them, it forces to let go of assumptions about the opportunity and a tendency to dismiss surface symptoms develops. To counter this kind of scenario, a person should have deep understanding of the subject he is dealing with and this understanding will be useful to handle situation in a constructive way.
Amit Shah never took pressure to take decisions in unforeseen situations and his decisions were proved apt many times. He was never a person to take actions based on assumptions because he knows what works in that particular situation. He is also aware of the size of the risk, if his decision backfires. Shah handling CAA, NRC and abolition of Art 370 are the best handled situations.

Amit Shah the root cause analyst
When you notice that there is a problem, it means that there is a non-conformance to the performance requirement, leading to loss and waste. ‘Fix’ is a temporary solution to arrest this non-conformance to reduce the loss till a permanent solution is found out.

Once ‘Fix’ is in place, follow up action like finding the root cause, identifying a permanent solution, implementing the corrective action, follow up has to be done and then the root cause is eliminated.
This process may take more time but the results he created were long lasting, and stronger and the outcomes are remarkable and they remain forever than competitors, Shah is looking for the opportunities beyond the obvious solution or the quick fix.

Union petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan, who has worked closely with Shah in multiple state elections, told News18 in Odisha, “Shah is a taskmaster and that is his style. He is very methodical and has redefined political activism within the party. Gone are the days of leisure and enjoyment.”

The way BJP handled Rama Janma Bhumi issue is the best fit case. Shah and Modi waited for resolution through court and stood firm in spite of severe pressure from all directions.

Amit Shah the Antifragile
Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls “looking for the opportunities in a situation is a step towards making us and our organisations as antifragile”. According to him, organizations, objects, and people that survive when placed under stress are called “robust, strong, or resilient”. And organizations, objects and people that really become stronger and powerful because of stress, Taleb calls “antifragile”.

Congress and other opposition parties were hit badly because of the unpredictability of Shah’s moves. Shah abandoned what the yesteryear BJP leaders were considering virtues of morality and ethics in public life. Shah is ready to match the grin of opposition with a grin and sin with a sin in power games. He is making entire opposition crying in anger, helplessness, despair, echoing victimhood again and again. Shah’s unapologetic antifragile is taking a toll on them on and on since 2014.

Amit Shah the common man
Shah maintains a very detailed written schedule and adhere to it. He does not take rest and allow others to take rest. A person of action forever.
Shah is a family man and connects with his granddaughter on daily basis.
Shah is a cost-conscious person and he prefers to travel by flight and not by a chopper. He stays in government guest houses and conducts meetings in offices.

Vinay Sahasrabuddhe says Shah had asked him to suggest some books on Maratha history. “I went to the Parliament library and picked 12 books for Shah, of which, half of them he returned within 2-3 months. He is a keen student of history and also reads on literature and culture.”
BJP MP Bhupendra Yadav says, Shah plays Pakhwaj, a classical instrument.
Amit Shah is a holistic individual and his thinking and solutions are holistically arrived and implemented with common sense.
Recap of Amit Shah the trailblazer

  1. His ability to remain calm in crisis, he knows who are best and what matters to the country most. It makes him to sail through storms and when times are calm to expand the ability to influence the world.
  2. When the situation is not working the way it used to be, he is very quick to identify those leaks and has the sense of understanding what is happening.
  3. He is always looking for more opportunities, even in a crisis or pandemic. This is boosting the morale and a contributing factor for success.
  4. He has the ability to choose the best way forward even with little information and has the common sense to predict how things are going to pan out.
  5. He is very clear on the purpose, values and culture. So, he is aligned, focused, efficient and adaptable no matter what comes in the way.
  6. He is very clear on his communication which is way inspiring the cadre to do what needs to be done.
  7. He always excels in maintaining the emotional engagement to move forward to the government and the party.

Amit Shah has a very unique relationship with PM Modi. We have seen many pairs of leaders through generations, Nehru-Gandhi, Indira -Kamraj, Chandra Sekhar-VP Singh. However, the interesting equation between Amit Shah and Narendra Modi is about perfect mutuality, trust, confidence and respect.Academician, Researcher, Learning and Development Professional, Organization Development Professional and Qualified Legal Consultant.

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  • Pranshu

    October 22, 2020 - 3:43 pm

    Amit bhai Shah is an epitome of the grit, and focus while working at the grass root level to achieve the target.
    Master strategist to the core…

    Happy Birthday Sir

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