Agnikul – SpaceX of India Part 2

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Chennai– ISRO is an inspiration for every Indian space and technology enthusiast. For the past several years, a large number of budding scientists have been in awe of the success stories of the missions undertaken by the stalwarts of ISRO. Two such pioneers are young and scientists have laid the foundation Srinath Ravichandran and Moin SPM of startup AGNIKUL in 2017, with a simple concept to make space travel easy for everyone. They later moved to the National Center for combustion R&D IIT Madras. After that it was incubated in IIT Madras and now is part of Airbus accelerator. Agnikul is developing multiple products, Interesting names known to us but no one ever thought of using it in the Rocket industry. But no one ever thought of to use it in the Rocket industry.

Current Projects

Presently working on multiple projects such as Agnibaan , Agnilet, Pressure vessels and Hot firing testing. If there is Agnibaan then  there will also be a  Dhanush, a unique concept to launch vehicles. Dhanush is a mobile launcher, similar to missile launchers. Dhanush is meant for multiple uses and is built with durability and transportability in mind. Agniban means “an unstoppable arrow of fire” in Sanskrit. Agnibaan has the ability to carry multiple satellites simultaneously. 

Angnikul Projects

Future Missions 

Agnikul is working on a concept for affordable lunar travels. It has an interesting plan to launch its rocket from a balloon, called balloon stage, so the first stage will be the balloon followed by regular second and third rocket stages. There are hurdles to this interesting endeavor, for example taking oxygen to desired height and then boiling it, and its orientation. Overall it’s going to be interesting to watch such a unique launch, first launch will be in 2022. The launch is planned to take on foreign soil. Agnilkul has signed a memorandum of agreement with Alaska Aerospace Corporation to test launch their Made in India Agnibaan rocket from the Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska (PSCA) on Kodiak Island in the United States.  We are going to keep you announce on the nice journey

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